Whirling Dervishes

Whirling Dervishes Ceremony

The most fascinating tradition of Turkey is the dance of the “Whirling Dervishes” that was born more than seven centuries ago. With rhythmic ritual whirling dervishes reach a sense of upliftment, thus approaching God. This dance was invented more than 700 years, the Sufis, for their mystical flow in the Islamic faith.

In the XIII century the Muslim Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî founded a monastery in the city of Konya. For its ministries Rumi used music. Over time, the monastic order grew so that it included even members of the family of the Sultan. After reforms of Mustafa Kemal work orders it was banned at the beginning of the XX century, but the tradition survived under the guise of whirling dervishes dance schools. A new wave of interest in the ancient ritual appeared in the 1980s when Turkey rushed tourists from Europe.

Imagine a large quiet music filled the old hall, which is an old mentor and novices in black robes and conical hats. Gradually, the music gets louder and more intense, the dervishes discard the black robes and stayed in long white shirts, are beginning to circle. Their heads were thrown back, and his arms spread out in different directions. Whirling dervishes fall into a trance, but their power is transmitted and spectators can not help this amazing rotation!

Sufism in any way associated with Islam, and it is not limited to conventional religious practices, complementing or partially replacing it with mysticism, that is direct communication with the Creator. This is achieved in a trance, which introduces itself during Sufi rites (collective services) or individually. The most important element of the mystical Sufi practices is fasting, solitude and meditation. Lifestyle welcome an ascetic, but a strict no denying the world. In addition to Turkey, the tradition of the circular dance of the dervishes can be found in Iran, Egypt and even Sudan.

Although initially this dance was not designed as entertainment, whirling dervishes performed in front of an audience and became a tourist attraction. Earlier, an indoor ritual has become a favorite tourist spectacle. The whirlwind whirling dervishes and rhythmic music has a hypnotic effect on others.

Every year on December 17 in the city of Konya (Turkey), the birthplace of the great Sufi Rumi, hosts the Festival of dancing dervishes.

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