Pamukkale Tour

Pamukkale tours

Pamukkale is an amazing natural phenomenon and it is located in the western Anatolia, 19 km north of the city of Denizli. Pamukkale Travertine Terraces are a unique natural site in the south-western part of Turkey, uniting about 20 geothermal sources, which in turn are at different levels of the mountain of travertine, but rather on its terraces, forming a natural bowl filled with hot water. And the real beauty here is created by nature itself.

Pamukkale is a single object, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The calcined hot water (temperature 30-36 degrees) beat out of the ground and a waterfall flows down from a height of almost 100 meters, building an amazing natural castle as if covered with cotton or snow.

In recent years, the Turkish authorities seriously thinking about saving travertine. The reason was a unique natural monument of international importance. So now most of the sources closed to tourists, the healing water of which is sold for a symbolic price at the foot of the mountain. Climbing the mountain can only be designated strictly on the track, go into the water travertine strictly prohibited. The only place that allowed for swimming, it’s pool of Cleopatra, it is located a little away from the mountains, and, in fact, is the same geothermal sources.

Tours in Pamukkale is best to buy in the summer, because the natural pools have canopies and cool season, even high temperature several terraces not save from rain and cold winds. For a long time Pamukkale tour is the absolute leader in sales in Turkish tourism. Even despite the relatively high cost and far difficult conditions of travel, most tourists do not hesitate to agree to excursion to Pamukkale to see this amazing natural and historical phenomenon.

It should be noted that the tour in Pamukkale can be organized as one-day and two-day. Usually the first type of excursion in Pamukkale selected tourists who came to Turkey, for a short period of time (seven days), and a two-day tour is designed for those who chose a holiday lasting fourteen days. In my opinion, the best is a two-day tour, in this case, the trip is less tiring and most importantly more informative.

Cost of service in 2016 will vary depending on the selected duration of the tour and an average of 80 USD per day and 140 USD for a two-day tour. Buy a tour in two ways. First more reliable way is to buy Pamukkale tour at the tour operator. In this case, tourists get guaranteed quality service with a professional guide and modern bus.

What is included Pamukkale Tour? Pamukkale trip, guide, lunch/dinner and a tour service. Separately, we note that correctly organized tour must include the services of a professional tour guide, having a historical formation, and the presence of special state license to conduct a tour. Therefore, tourists will be brought up a lot of useful information about geography, history, traditions and culture of ancient Anatolia for thousands of year.

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