Horseback Riding Tours in Cappadocia

Cappadocia horseback riding

Cappadocia – “land of beautiful horses” (translated from the ancient Persian) – is located in the Central Anatolia. The area has been inhabited during the Paleolithic. In 2000 BC, Cappadocia was a part of the Hittite kingdom. It Hittites began to build the first underground city, which still affect its scope. In place of the Hittite gradually come almost assimilated Phrygian. In VI. BC Cappadocia conquered the Persians. The Persian Empire lasted more than 200 years, it was a period of stability and relative freedom. At this time came the name Cappadocia – Katpatuka (drevnepersid.) when Alexander the Great came the kingdom of Cappadocia. After his death, Cappadocia remained an independent kingdom. But later it became part of the Roman Empire, while maintaining its independence. It is known that in the time of Strabo of Cappadocia also remained independent, with its capital in the modern city of Kayseri, which was called Caesarea in honor of Caesar.

Horseback Riding in Cappadocia

So many of our guests have found riding horseback riding is very exciting, because you can visit the beautiful valleys and get great pleasure from communicating with horses.

Tour price per person:

1 hour trip – 30 euros
2-hour trip – 50 euros
3-hour trip – 90 euros
4-hour trip – 140 euros

Selecting valleys depends on weather conditions and your experience of riding. Most of our trips are on pink and red trails Valley, the Valley of Love and Other impressive localities Goreme. Spectacular views throughout the walk, we get to the most amazing and remote places. Walks are accompanied by an experienced guide-cowboy.

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