Goreme Cave Hotels

Göreme cave

Goreme is the historical name of the region in central Turkey, located 300 kilometers south of Ankara, capital of Turkey. It was here in VIII century BC was a Byzantine monastery. Cappadocia has always been hostile to the boundary of civilizations. For more than two thousand years ago there was pohozyaynichat Persians and the Greeks, Muslims and Christians.

Goreme Cave Hotels are one of the unique hotels of Cappadocia. They are located in caves that are hundreds of years ago were cut in the soft volcanic tuff. In ancient times there was a monastery and now hotels guests have the opportunity to spend a few nights in the ancient caves.

The hotel rooms are generally pleasantly cool, floors are covered with traditional Turkish rugs and environment of antique furniture. The windows offer views of the rose garden and the valley of Cappadocia. The Goreme Cave hotels have average 30 rooms, a restaurant (Turkish cuisine), bar, massage (for ladies only), yoga.

In Cappadocia are unique cave hotels, which have a layered structure – with corridors, stairways, exits on the roof or terrace. Cappadocia Cave Hotels are located in Uchisar, Goreme, Ortahisar and Ürgüp. After a tour in Cappadocia is feeling that you’ve been in a different world where disappearing line between reality and fairy tale.

Museum Hotel

It was found by the Turks, and much later in the former underground caves-cells of the monks, opened a hotel with 30 rooms. A distinguishing feature of the hotel is that all “rooms” on the walls of the well-preserved frescoes thousands of years ago. The hotel owner and collector Omer Tosum collected artifacts of these cultures and wanted to show his treasures to hotel guests.

Grand Cave Suites

Grand Cave Suites Hotel is located a short walk from the city centre. And also it has wide range of international restaurants located a few steps away. Attractions in the vicinity include: Ozkonak Underground City is Cappadocia. Attractions such as Goreme and Zelve Open Air Museum, located 10 minutes drive away. Check-in after 11.00 check out before 10.00.

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