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Ephesus tours

Ephesus was founded in the XI century BC as the Ionian colony, only later becoming a Roman province and the Mall of Asia. Ephesus, the former ancient Greek city, then one of the main cities of the Roman Empire on the west coast of Asia Minor, located near the modern town of Selcuk in the territory of Izmir in Turkey. During the classical period of Greek history, he was one of 12 cities of the Ionian Union. When the area occupied by the Romans, Ephesus for a long time remained the second largest city of the Roman Empire, it is considered the second capital. Today it is an archaeological site of Ephesus, located 3 kilometers south-west of the town of Selcuk.

Ruins of Ephesus – one of the favorite local attractions, due to more and a convenient location: It can be reached directly from the Adnan Menderes Airport and the port of Kusadasi. The most famous building is the Temple of Artemis – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, now from him there was only one column, collected from the wreckage of the building. Other famous attractions of Ephesus – Temple of Hadrian 130 years of construction, the House of the Virgin Mary, which is the burial place of the saint, the gate of the Agora, which served as the venue for official meetings in the II century, Ephesus Museum that holds a lot of cultural monuments of antiquity, is one of the most important museums in Turkey.

Tourists who are interested in history, offered to go to sightseeing tours in the architectural reserve, where you can more closely acquainted with the ancient Ephesus. Ephesus guests coming to the city to explore the architectural attractions.

Not surprisingly, today the tourists are offered a variety of options of tours to Ephesus. Perhaps the most common version of the tour – “Things to Ephesus”, it is designed for the whole day. After a short move you visit the House of the Virgin Mary, where, according to legend, she spent the last years of his life, along with Saint John, and then went to Ephesus, the most famous of the ancient cities of Turkey, where the famous Library of Celsus, the theater, preserved paved with marble streets, churches, bath. Ruins surrounded by traditional Ionian landscape. Pearl of Ephesus was once the Temple of Artemis – one of the seven wonders of the world, the ruins of which are also present tour. After lunch, you will visit the Basilica of St. John and Ephesus Museum. you visit the Basilica of St. John and Ephesus Museum.

Another version of the tour in Turkey is called “Ancient Ephesus tour and the house of the Virgin Mary”. It is designed just for half a day and includes a small city tour with a visit to the museum in Selcuk, the best of the local museum, which gathered a huge collection of antiquities found during the excavations of Ephesus in Turkey. This tour is designed for lovers of archeology. You will be given a personal driver and guide who will follow you around and tell you many interesting facts. Lunch is already included in the price. For those who are resting or working in Istanbul, Ephesus last minute tours are offered directly from the capital. Moreover, this port city, contemporary Small Menderes, will be of interest not only to fans of antiquities, but the pilgrims as one of the centers of the birth of Christianity.

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