Cappadocia Wedding Photo Package

Cappadocia wedding package

For your convenience, wedding photographers who serve in Cappadocia offers more than one wedding photo package services. You can choose the package that best suits you. In case you have not decided any one package, you can choose the services themselves.

All inclusive package that includes preliminary meetings and consultations to discuss the Cappadocia route walks record all the material to a DVD-disc theatrical and reportage photography archiving material. Photographing of the “Complete wedding day” work crew command the entire wedding day job wedding stylist shot in a hotel room shooting “love story” slide show. The last post-processing package includes shooting program “Full wedding day” working film crew shooting “love story” photo book size 20×20, 10 turns to 500 photos. Classic Cappadocia wedding photo package includes photographing program “Complete wedding day” up to 400 photos. Standard package includes shooting program “from collection to the first dance in the hall of” up to 300 photos. Reversals date is considered to be booked after signing the contract and deposit payment.

As you look at the photographs of your wedding will be spectacular, emotional and spectacular than any of those that you have seen so far. Moreover, these photos are just transmit your character and nature of your soul mate with enjoy the view of Cappadocia. “Living Picture” differ from staging what they can not play. They can only “catch”. Many photographers say what position to take, where to smile, and where to kiss. As a result, these pictures look willfully and unnatural. Look at the examples of such photographs. Each image contains a live emotion that you can easily see. When you look at these photos, you can see a feeling that the sight sweeps history of Cappadocia. And the happiest moments of your wedding will forever be with you when you decided one of the Cappadocia wedding photo package.

Classical Cappadocia Wedding Photo Package

  • Shooting time: 8 hours
  • Days: all days
  • Processed photos (basic image processing): All
  • Processed photos (artistic format): 75 Pieces
  • Photobook (format 18 * 13): 1 pc
  • 15 pictures in 10 days after the wedding
  • Presentation (slideshow)
  • Assistant


  • Preliminary consultation on creative and organizational issues.
  • Help in planning the route and site selection.
  • Processing of all photos.
  • Registration drive with printing.

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