Cappadocia Honeymoon

honeymoon in Cappadocia

Do you want to spend an unforgettable honeymoon? Then feel free to go to Cappadocia, where you will find an unforgettable balloon flight, relax in the underground hotel and familiarity with the world of the ancient monastery. Amazing landscape of Cappadocia are truly fascinating, a fabulous spectacle. In this region, Cappadocia sufficiently wide range of options for a memorable romantic trip. To honeymoon in Cappadocia you will remember for a long time.

Here it is possible to travel on foot, or rent a car. But the best way to see the beauty of Cappadocia is a trip in a balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Tour

In Cappadocia, the magic is in the air. What could be better than a flight early in the morning on a hot air balloon with the sun rising over Central Anatolia, to see the beauty of our region? Short tour in a balloon – it’s at least an hour flight. You will be picked up at the hotel early in the morning and brought directly to the place of dispatch. While you have breakfast, you will see how the balloon is inflated, and a quick look at the basic rules of flight in a balloon.

Green valley of Cappadocia

This quiet walk will allow you to see the Lost Valley of Cappadocia, their vineyards and orchards of apricots, nuts and quince. The walk will begin at 8:30 am, the meeting before the office Middle Earth. First we go through the White valley, with its meadows, lush vegetation and bizarre rock formations. Then we will go to Uchisar, where we will visit the castle with spectacular views, and wander around the city in your free time until dinner. After a light breakfast, we head to Pigeon Valley, visiting several dovecotes carved into the rock. Then we go back to Goreme.

Exploring Valley – Ihlara

It is a journey of 13 kilometers – the most popular among our tracks. As a rule, it is an easy walk along the river, with a few short sections where you may climb the cliffs. Departing at 8.30 from Goreme, from our office Middle Earth, our bus will take you to the city center Ihlara (1.15 hours). After a short tea we make 3.5-hour walk on the road and visit the 3 rock churches. After lunch about 13.30, we will continue our walk along the river to the town of Selim and stop near the monastery. After we visit the Monastery we will climb the 300 steps, then drive to the lake in the crater of the volcano, and let us swim.


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